riverbed technologies


To be the ‘GO TO’ company when technical solutions are required by industry at large. We aim to be your innovative solution all the time.


We will deliver to you periodic updates and reports on all matters regarding the procurement and installation of all equipment supplied. RBT will also give recommendations to address any deficiencies noted during our review of the process. All orders procured will be of the highest quality offering considerable warranty periods for the client.

Quality service and products at affordable rates

Our costs are agreed in advance and our terms and conditions will be included on the invoices so there will be no billing surprises. We aim to provide quality products and avoid repeat work and costs caused by error or omission.

Our commitment to deadlines

We commit to plan and perform our assignments in such a manner that all deadlines will be met and any deviations communicated timeously. RBT has made significant investments in the quality of staff and skill set in order to provide the best value service. It is our commitment to not only meet your expectations but to exceed it through a quality professional service and product.