riverbed technologies


About Riverbed Technologies:

Riverbed Technologies was formed in September 2016 to provide engineering and automation solutions to satisfy the requirements of local manufacturers, aviation industry and mining.

The company believes that technical expertise should not be imported all the time but that industry should take advantage of the local skills available. This will mean help is nearby and inexpensive.

In order to provide the best quality service; RBT has entered into a number of strategic partnerships and deals with preferred suppliers in the areas that we supply and support.

RBT Team

Our team has worked in manufacturing, mining and minerals processing projects and energy sectors both locally and overseas. The technical team has a track record of achieving sustained improvements in production, quality, cost and safety targets. Our working and travel experience has allowed us to interact with persons from varying backgrounds and at different community and organizational levels. As a result, RBT has acquired an enhanced global perspective with respective skills to compliment.

What we are

A team from different backgrounds providing sound technical and industry expertise

What we do

RBT provides meaningful advise and actionable solutions.

How we do it

We use our diverse team skills and experience to provide value for money service with our technical partners through 24/7 local support and expertise.

Why we do it

To help organizations attain their full growth potential.


Our Company Profile:

You can view the RBT ZW Company Profile here: RBT_CP_2019.pdf